Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Obligatory BOO!

It's 9:30 and the house sure is quiet. ChinchillaBoy is downtown trick-or-treating with his friend and his friend's cousins. They went last year and had a blast.

What will they bring home in their loot, I wonder. Last year, it was religious tracts. Yes, people actually pass these things out on Halloween. But wait, it gets better. My old blogbuddy Mango (who has since pulled down his blog) followed the link I'd given, and found out that there are also three different kinds of tipping tracts available! Wow. Think about how much cash you'll save if you buy a 25-pack of those babies for $2.25 and use them in lieu of a tip each time you eat out.

I have to end my post here because my phone just rang. ChinchillaBoy is back at his friend's house, and needs to be picked up. What will he bring home today? Don't know. Could be live ammo, could be a ticket to Heaven. Anything is possible in the inner city.

On an unrelated note, did you notice how awesome and blue my blog has become? Dawn did it. She can do yours, too. Do you still have that boring Blogger template? Then hurry, email her.

ChinchillaBoy is trying to sleep over at his friend. I have to go now.

I will tell you more tomorrow.

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