Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Now This is Really Spooky!

This happened yesterday.

On a dark and windy Halloween night, five little boys went trick-or-treating in a strange neighborhood: K10, his best friend, the friend’s little brother and cousins. Moving along a dark street, the boys came to a house.

The house didn’t look anything out of the ordinary to them at first. The lights were on, so the children walked up to the door, and rang the doorbell. Little did they know what would happen next…

Slowly, the door opened…

A hand reached out….

And put something in the children’s bags.

At first, they thought it was just a pack of Animal crackers…

But there was more, much more.

They didn’t see it until they started sorting their candy the next morning.

It was a booklet, with Halloween-themed drawings on the cover.

Slowly, the children turned a page…

“The wages of sin is death!” (Romans 3:23 and 6:23)

Our sins, the things we do or think that displease God, keep us out of God’s family.

God must punish us for our sins.

But the way to avoid our punishment is to join God’s family!

But wait, there’s more! They didn’t just get one booklet, but two!

“Can you imagine being stuck in a giant spider web – invisible strings tickling your face and twisting around your arms and legs? Yuck! The more you struggle against the sticky web, the more trapped you become. Someone would have to rescue you, or you would be stuck forever!

Did you know that’s how the Bible describes sin (the bad things we do)? When we do something we know we shouldn’t, the Bible says that we’ve fallen into the “trap of devil”. Satan (the devil) is like a giant spider that tries to trick us into his web. When we fall into his trap, our sin “entangles” us, and there is nothing we can do to free ourselves.

Would you like to be free of Satan’s trap? You can ask God to save you today!”

Followed by “the sinner’s prayer”.


Thank you, kind strangers, for saving our little pagans from what would have been a sure spiritual death. What would our children do without a nice fire and brimstone message to go with their Animal crackers? I think passing out tracts to little kids without asking their parents’ permission first is an awesome idea! I mean, who cares what these parents are trying to teach their kids at home? The parents are obviously pagans themselves, otherwise why would their children be out trick-or-treating? Whatever those poor, misguided creatures might be teaching their children, your message is definitely better, holier, and righter (if that’s even a word)!

My special thanks go out to the creators of these fine tracts:


And, of course, to the church where both booklets came from – The Gospel House Church, 14707 Alexander Road, Walton Hills, Ohio, www.thegospelhouse.com.

Spread the word! Boo!!

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