Tuesday, October 18, 2005

K10 Wonders Aloud

Last weekend (after the party was over, of course), Mr. Goldie decided to try a new bowling-ball-cleaning technique a friend had taught him. (Yes, we're both league bowlers. Mr. Goldie is pretty good. I used to be good, but now I suck due to sudden loss of interest). What you do is, you set your oven to 250 degrees, put the bowling ball in, and let it sit there for about five minutes. Apparently it gets out all the oil the ball has accumulated over years of rolling down the oily lanes.

So Mr. Goldie proceeds to clean a 16-pound ball... and then another... and then another. In the meantime, K10 is lying on the couch, sick as a dog, watching TV and paying no attention to his father. Or so we thought until he said:

"Dad, please tell me you're not putting your balls in the oven."

The Goldie has spoken at 3:33 PM

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