Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Birthday, K10!

K10’s birthday is really tomorrow (on the 13th), but I am leaving for my Tony Attwood conference first thing tomorrow morning, so I’m putting this up tonight.

On a cold and windy day…
On Friday the 13th…
Two weeks before Halloween…
a baby was born.

And that baby was my second son! Happy birthday, K!

When we first came into the country in 1997, the flight was horrible. I mean, the flight itself was actually very comfortable, but flying with a fifteen-month-old doesn’t rank high on my list of life’s pleasures. When we landed, I said to Mr. Goldie, “I’m not flying with the kids anymore until ‘K’ turns ten!”

To me, when I said these words, they were an equivalent of “never again”. It was just inconceivable to me that one day, this baby would turn into a ten-year-old. It was something out of a SciFi book.

Believe it or not, that day has come. My youngest son turns ten today. I guess I will have to call him K10 on this blog for the next year. Which is fine with me. Not having to call him K9, I mean. If there’s one thing I could do without, it’s a certain kind of Google searches leading to this blog. Let me just tell you that some people apparently like doggies way, way too much.

But I digress.

K10 is, by far, the least socially challenged person in our family. He knows exactly the way things work between people. He didn’t learn that from us, because we have no clue ourselves. It’s just in his blood. He may not know it, but many times I have come to him for advice.

It takes me all I’ve got to keep from turning into K10’s best friend (because everybody says I’m not supposed to be). We’ve been close since he was born. I have to confess, for the first year or two, it wasn’t by choice. Sometimes, you really want to plunk your baby in a crib, or plunk your toddler in front of some toys, and go have a cup of tea, read a book, or even *gasp!* take a nap. When your baby or toddler is constantly sick, that just isn’t an option. So, K10 was glued to me for most of his formative years. As a result, we understand each other very well, share a lot of memories, and have a lot of common interests. K10 is fun… most of the time, anyway!

He is also one of the few people his brother talks to. The first few years were hard, but then they really hit it off. They spent a lot of time playing together. For a while, both were sure that they were twins, and I could not convince them otherwise. Each time one of them learned something, he shared it with his brother.

Which explains K10’s unusually deep knowledge of relations between sexes. The poor little guy was treated to a “how babies are made” lecture from his big brother when he was barely five years old.

I am very proud of K10. He survived six or seven hospitalizations, three surgeries, two broken arms, four years of elementary school, Grandma and Grandpa trying to treat him like a baby, and despite all that, he’s still a happy, contented person and a good friend. He has a love of learning, and insists that everyone be treated fairly. These are the qualities I’ve wanted my children to have.

Happy birthday, K10! Keep up the good work!

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