Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Flash Your Boobs for a Good Cause

Today, I decided to start a new life and begin paying regular visits to everyone on my blogroll. And boy, am I glad I did!

-E has a post (okay, it's really a week old... so I'm slow... ) that links to a new and exciting charity:

Here's a whole new, inventive way to raise money for the Katrina victims. The way it works is, you take a picture of your boobs (you may want to crop out your face), make sure it follows the guidelines, send it in, and it goes into the gallery. To view the gallery, you have to donate at least $5 to one of the charities supported by the site. More details here.

There will be no beauty standards or any kind of rating... we old ladies are welcome to participate... man boobs are welcome too!

This is freakin awesome... I'm off to post it everywhere I can. C-ya!

The Goldie has spoken at 9:23 AM

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