Monday, October 03, 2005

Hooked on Harry

Happy Monday!

Yes, I’m slacking off and I know it. What can I do when it’s 80 degrees outside?

Over the weekend, I was planning on reading my “Different Minds” book, but I didn’t even open it. I blame Holley. She finally convinced me to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon. I am in the middle of the second book right now (I know, I know… pathetic). My friend has all six and I will be borrowing from her.

What can I say? The books are definitely interesting and, as far as I can tell, pretty well written. But, I can see where all the controversy over the first book was coming from. You know, the one where for the first year or two, the Christian community was strongly against the books, especially (I think) the first one.

You know that magic, fortune-telling, etc. are considered to be a serious sin in Christianity, because, briefly put, this is bypassing God. I definitely agree with that, but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy a good fantasy book, as long as I don’t get all serious about it.

In my system of classification, all people, books, movies, etc. fall into two categories: those that take themselves too seriously, and those that don’t. I think that (in the first book at least) JKR has been taking this whole wizarding thing too seriously. I mean, take for example Terry Pratchett, of whose works I am a big fan. His books are full of witches and wizards. But look at how he portrays them. They are funny. They don’t look and sound like university professors.

To be completely honest, Pratchett’s wizards remind me of programmers. Think about it.

In the olden days, according to Pratchett, wizards were the few select, extremely gifted people, who could perform highly creative magic and do things no one else could. Much like your Fortran programmer in the 80’s.

These days, however, wizards are mostly old overweight guys who like free food, corporate meetings, and buzzwords. Their favorite pastime is sitting around doing nothing. The younger, ambitious wizards still try to do magic, but they are strongly cautioned against doing so. I don’t think I even need to comment on that one. I love Pratchett’s wizards. I work with them. They pay my salary. I don’t feel the same warm and fuzzy attraction for JKR’s wizards. Not at all. They’re too serious about their stuff. They mean it.

Another thing is, Pratchett’s wizards are so far removed from our world, there’s no way they can be measured in our system’s terms. They don’t say things like “Dear lord” (this is something I read in the second HP book). They don’t celebrate Christmas, for crying out loud! Whereas the wizards in the first HP book, had a huge Christmas celebration with a banquet, gifts and decorations. Of course, they never mentioned what Christmas was actually about… but I still found it funny. If you have read all six books, please put my mind at peace and tell me there won’t be any Easter egg hunts taking place at Hogwarts. Or, if there is, let me know. I just may die laughing if I come across one without warning.

That aside, the books are really good, better than I expected! I’m trying to convince K9 to read them. I know I12 won’t, so I don’t even bother trying. Speaking of I12, he just finished The Light Fantastic and is starting on Interesting Times. The rate he’s going, I may need to buy more Pratchett books, as this is the only author I12 agrees to read.


How was your weekend? Mine was blissfully uneventful. In fact, the highlight of it was when K9 and I took a walk to a neighborhood Walmart, and while K9 was in there looking at video games, the fire alarm went off. They evacuated the building, three fire trucks came, K9 and I spent quite some time sitting on the curb watching the fire trucks. Like I have already mentioned, I was on call, so I couldn’t really go anywhere looking for adventures. I had to stay close to home.


I got an appointment for I12 with the Locally Famous Therapist! Can you believe that? I’ve been trying to get that appointment since February. First time I called, we didn’t have the Dx, so we had to get off the waiting list until I finally got I12 tested and got the test results back. Once back on the list, the way it works, you call the office on the first of the month, or, if it falls on a weekend, on the first Monday of the month. The first four callers get it. I put the office on my speed dial and started dialing at 7:55. On the fiftieth try, I got it. (Just kidding! I didn’t really dial 50 times! Okay, maybe 45, but definitely not 50!)

I am so happy. I12, on the other hand, does not share my enthusiasm. I will tell you more about it in my next Aspie Digest that I still have to write.


The kids brought their first progress reports home. K9 was so excited; this is his first year getting actual grades, not just cryptic abbreviations like “ME” or “NI”. He got all A’s. Boy, how happy he was. I12’s report was… how do I put it… slightly different. Each time somebody asks me, I tell them that K9 got all A’s, and I12 got one B. Makes the person go “Awww, good for you!” Naturally, I withhold some of the information. Can you guess what it is?

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