Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Freeze MF’s! It’s a Fundraiser

Let’s have a show of hands.

Who hates school fundraisers?

Yeah, me, too.

K9 just brought the envelope home, with the forms and the booklet. It went straight into the garbage. K9 did not object, for the first time in four years.

See, when he first brought home that thing four years ago, I said no. He was five at the time, and a simple “no, because I said so” worked just fine. Especially after I added, “in our family, we don’t rip people off”.

But then he turned six, and seven, and just saying no wasn’t working anymore. So, I tried to reason with him.

“K9, get over here. Sit down. See, this is the catalog that you gave me. Open it to page 20. See, here’s a candle set. Do you need this candle set? Would you buy it? If you had to buy it, how much would you pay for it? What? A dollar-fifty? Why, here it says $12.99. Would you pay $12.99 for this? And, last but not least, who would buy it from you if every single family in the neighborhood has two or three copies of the exact same catalog on their hands and is desperately trying to sell this same candle set as we speak? Do you have any questions? I thought so. Now do me a favor, throw this in the garbage, and then you can go outside and play.”

Worked with a seven-year-old.

Fast forward to third grade. Now, K9 gets around. He knows everyone in school, and wants to be a top seller just like all the cool kids in class. So, I played along. I bought six items. I even brought the darn thing to work. Two women from work had pity on me and ordered two items each. Ten items! K9 was so happy. He was positive he’d be a top seller and get a limo ride.

Monday morning, he came to school and found out that a girl in his class had already sold fifty items and was planning on selling more. She has a large extended family in the area. K9 didn’t stand a chance.

That said, I do the magazine drive for I12’s school every year. I like the school, I want to help out, and I would’ve subscribed to the magazines anyway.

The only other time when I caved in was for a candy sale last winter. K9 whined and badgered me until I gave in and bought a box. Every week, the school would send these little letters home with him, that never failed to make him hyper and get him to beg me to buy the candy. I think I have already posted one, but it is worth repeating:


As of today, 11/29/04, we still have 254 boxes of World's Finest Candy to sell by 12/17/04, in order to make our playground a reality. As it stands right now, we will not have the funds to build the playground this year; however, if we sell the remaining 254 boxes of candy, we will have the funds to build the playground this year!

We are asking every child to sell at least 1 box of candy. Please remember, this fundraiser takes the place of the spring fundraiser. We are attempting to bring in the funds sooner so we can have the playground this spring. We need to be successful with this and the (school name) Night Out fundraiser, or the playground will not be built this year.

As we all know, the holiday season can be very busy, but let's take the time to help build a new playground your children will enjoy year round.

Following are some ideas to help sell your candy:

- ask a local business to buy the candy outright, make a check out to (school name) PTG for $60, they can sell the candy and keep the money.
- Ask a local business if you can sit outside their establishment and sell your candy. (Target, Toys R Us, etc.)
- Have other family members take them to work.

If a local business helps you in selling your candy, please let the Playground Committee know so they can add them to your thank you list.

if you would like to pick a box of candy, please contact (list of names) or contact the school office.

Thank you,


If you would like to make a donation in lieu of selling a box of candy, below is a tear slip. Please make the check out to (School name) PTG. Any amount will be greatly appreciated! (yes, I tried to give K9 a check for $20, and, no, he didn’t take it… cuz he wanted to sell five boxes and get a limo ride, the little dreamer!!!)

I bought the darn box. There were thirty candy bars for $2 each. I brought it to work, dying of shame and embarrassment.

My coworkers, bless their hearts, bought 19 bars.

I bought one for myself, one for Mr. Goldie, and two for my parents.

K9 bought all the rest with his pocket money. Normally, we try to limit his intake of sweets, but this was for A Cause, so there was very little we could do.

To this day, I have no idea what was so bad about the old playground. The new one doesn’t look any different to me.

Happy fundraising to you all!

The Goldie has spoken at 10:06 AM

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