Monday, August 22, 2005

Back To School V - A Typical Day of a Not-So-Typical Sixth-Grader

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Wow. I am officially a controversial blog now. See comments on my previous post.

I have to admit, I feel terrible about it. I am, IRL, a nice person and hate hurting anybody’s feelings. However, this is a blog. This is where I post my thoughts and opinions, based on real-life experience and much analysis. Not everyone out of the six billion people on Earth shares these thoughts and opinions, and that’s to be expected. They are bound to offend someone. However, if I cannot share them on my blog, then where can I?

That said, I don’t really have to share them here, you know? I could just post, I don’t know, some feel-good poetry, pictures of kittens and bunny rabbits (or my new pet, Nicky the chinchilla), links to quizzes, and everyone would be happy. This blog would be a happy place.

It would also be boring as heck.

So, I think I’ll pass.

Here’s a picture of Nicky, though. Just to keep this blog nicely balanced.

Speaking of “wanna-be gifted kids” (I could argue about the “wanna-be” part – most of these kids would prefer being normal than being wired the way they are, and therefore, being different and never fitting in. But I digress.)

Below is a guest post by I12. Well, sort of a guest post. It’s something he posted on a public forum a few months ago. He knows that I have read it; liked it; and showed it to a few of my friends. So I figured, there would be no harm done if I posted it on this blog.

In this post, I12 describes one day in his life. This is just like The Adrian Mole Diaries, only with lots of swear words that I have conveniently replaced with asterisks (that was a lot of work, by the way!)

Wow. Is school really that boring?

Read on…

Topic: How was your day? Forum: General
Posted: 4/12/05 04:52 PM
Starting from: yesterday, 11:30. =/

I started doing my homework and finished at 12:45. I wasn't sleepy and wished I could use my d*mn energy on something useful, but I couldn't. I ended up thinking about something to think about and failing, but I have these conclusions from before:

There's no such thing as a soul.
Time and the other 3 demensions are infinate.
You will respawn since time is infinate, but I'm doubting this.
The goal in life is to make whatever you respawn as have a better life, and I'm doubting it too.
God is what's above the universe, and he exists.
Above the universe, there is no time or space.
The universe could be destroyed from above and it would continue to exist here.
A soul would have to be above the universe to exist.
A soul cannot interact with anything unless it is below the universe.
The present is dependant only on the past.
Your goal in life depends on what happens when you die, and vice versa.
God cannot interact with the universe, but can look into it, like a soul.

So then I worked on making a pillow out of a piece of Tempurpedic foam and failed and ended up just putting it on my back and making my bed softer. I went to sleep aventually. and decided it would kick ass to have a gun. When I woke up, at 6:45, I went back to sleep cause that's so early and woke up at 7:30 and went to school and was late like usial. I carried my bookbag around with me for the first 3 or so periods, which were: Tech, Chorus, and Math. In tech, I was building a paper airplane, in chorus, I sang some dumb
song, and in math I was learining about the something that starts with an s method where you use a y= formula to find y. I think I fell asleep. Then I went to Language Arts, where I filled in some stuff for a biography, and did some other stuff I already knew about grammar(I don't give a f**k if I spelled it wrong. Seriously, it's not like my boss will fire me for spelling a word wrong and having the comp fix it). Then, I went to advisory(sit around and do nothing time), and then lunch. I ate s**t for lunch. Then, it was science time, and my balls itched real bad when the teacher was lecturing us about something. When he was done, I went to the bathroom and itched my balls. A d**k can really be annoying sometimes, like when pubes get stuck in it and when it gets pulled back a lot cause you got a boner and now you can't walk right. Anyway, we were building self-propelled mini-cars and I failed. It would've been easy if I could think of a d*mn design with the parts. A stick got stuck in a wheel, and, in an attempt to get it out, I BROKE IT WITH A F***ING PAPER CLIP!! And it didn't even f***ing bend. D*mn, maybe they made it out of some bulls**t instead of wood cause they ran out or something. Well, I fixed it and someone got it out with a tool. Then, there's Social Studies and we had to fill out a paper about Japan and the rest of that part of Asia(which a map of was on page 666, haha). I got done with that quickly and just stood around there or something. Then, I went to inervention and that's the second do nothing time. Most people do homework, but I do nothing. School is a b**ch without me doing my homework there. I need to relax and all that s**t. After that, I sat around and waited for my bus and went home. I bought a Full Force or something, checked some other forum, and posted this. That's my day.

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