Monday, August 08, 2005

Important Announcements

I have two Very Important Announcements to make.

One is that my church is having its annual Greek festival next week, so if you live in the Cleveland area, please feel free to stop by. There will be Greek food… yum! I’m definitely getting the pastries. There will be Greek dancing as well, and I’m told there’s a fabulous flea market. Just think about it… the flea market has a designer clothes section! Does it get any better than that? Yes, it does! They sell fantastic jewelry… hand-made in Greece!

We’re all supposed to work the booths, but I will be on call next weekend, and therefore cannot commit to any strict schedule. (Somehow, I always end up on call during the Festival… bummer!) I will probably stop by on Thursday to help set up, and on Friday to help with whatever… and buy the pastries! (I plan on running past the jewelry booth as fast as I can with my eyes closed, for the temptation is too strong). If you live in the area, I hope to see you there!

My second announcement is, a “Back To School” series of posts will appear on this blog between now and August 25th (which is when school starts in these parts). In these posts, I will, in a serious manner that is so characteristic of me, analyze the past school experiences, share what my family has learned, and reminisce on the fun-filled, exciting times that we had an honor and a privilege to live through during the seven years that my kids have spent in the school system. Stay tuned. Due to the nature of the subject, occasional expletives will be used.

That’s all I’ve got to announce for the day. Have a good week.

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