Monday, August 01, 2005

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Mamacita has a wide selection of links to blogs on teaching/education in this post, so I will be reading up for quite a while. (Go check it, it's priceless). This morning, I was going through the links and I came to this post on "What It's Like On The Inside".

The most recent additions to the "kidspeak" pantheon are coming from the on-line world. Some are terms used by hackers. Most of the words come from slang found in chat rooms. By the end of last year, terms like "n00b" and "pwned" were becoming standard among my students. I've even had kids say "j k happy face." (translation: "Just kidding, okay?") In print, these terms take on a variety of spellings---often including numbers or other symbols in place of letters. But I haven't seen my kids using them in their written work. Yet.

Yep. That's what I have to deal with. That is exactly how my kids talk to me and to each other. I have even selected one word out of the entire leetspeek, and am using it extensively. Oh, I love that word. It's "iono".

It works like magic.

"Mom, what am I getting for my birthday in October?"


"If I behave really, really well, can I get a PSP?"


"Why do we have to go to school and do homework, when it's all pointless?"

"Gee, I12, iono".

Basically, after I've given five different answers to the same question, and the question is still being asked, then "iono" is the way to go.

Can you tell what it means? I'm not telling you. You have to guess. Or, look it up.

Oh well, at least our kids are actually inventing their own slang. The new generation is speaking with its own voice... although, in this case, it's mostly "typing with its own voice". Whatever.

As for using it in written work, I'll have to really watch myself so I don't accidentally suggest this to I12. Something tells me he will find it a very good idea.


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