Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and The Newgrounds Of Doom

My kids got me hooked on the Newgrounds BBS.

I have to confess that I started checking the forum because I wanted to snoop on I12. He’s very reserved, and you know how it is our parental responsibility to stay on top of what our kids are doing, yada yada yada.

He knows that I’m reading his posts.

K9 is also a member, but I never told you that. You need to be 13 to join the forum.

Most kids that post on the forum are, in my estimation, well under 13.

90% of the forum members are boys.

I have come to like the forum because, in my opinion, it gives a fair picture of today’s preteen and teenage boy population. And man, do I need to have that picture!

I have to warn you, the forum is not for the faint of heart. Do not read it if you are allergic to fart jokes.

I’ve seen forum members ask for advice, and get replies that fell strictly into two categories: “Take a wank right now” and, “You probably shouldn’t take a wank right now”.

You have been warned.

With that in mind, I was pleased to find on the forum some really good, comprehensive (it gets too comprehensive at times) coverage of the latest Harry Potter book and all developments associated with its recent release.

It’s interesting to see our kids’ take on the whole thing. It is one thing to hear the parents say, “Our kids have started to read because of the HP books”. Hearing what the said kids think, has been to me a lot more interesting. It’s like getting an insider’s opinion.

I have been able, again, to divide the forum population strictly into two categories:

1) hardcore HP fans
2) people who enjoy poking fun at hardcore HP fans

It has been highly entertaining to watch the two groups interact.

Enjoy, unless you don’t want to see the spoilers. In that case, don’t read these posts. There is really only one spoiler, but it’s all over the place.

Here are some of the HP threads I have found:

I owned a Harry Potter fan - this is good, a must read! – spoiler alert, though

Here's the first post... brilliant

last nigt when my family we're getting the booki went out today i saw a line at waterstones 4 the book.....i felt like getting a humor book and this kid wearing hp style glasses and a cloak went apeshit just cos i went in shop

"omg get in line for harry potter"
i was like lolno
and he got angry
"get in line if u want the book"
this kid was like 12 and i said
"im not getting harry potter"
"omg then why are you going into bookstore"
"to get a different book"
"what book!?" i was pretty confused when he said this.....just cos kids read a book doesnt make then any dumber. i was like there are different books
"ur cutting in line arnt you" he said in an angry way pushing me which just moved me a i said something that would shut him up
"[spoiler removed by Goldie]"(sry if i spoiled it, but hey ppl make [spoiler removed] post every hour)

i walked into the shop and got myself a nice book called "101 reason not to do anything: qoutes of cynical people" and as i passed the kid he had that owned look on his face with a tear in his eye

HP 6

HP Book Six

Whos Buying Harry Potter Tonight?

Harry Potter - the most popular nerd

How Do I Get Into Hogwarts?

HP Spoilers, Read On!!!

Man Kills Self Over Potter Spoiler

HP Error

There was more, but I got tired after a while...

So there you have it.

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