Monday, July 11, 2005

Our Trip In Pictures!

Sooo… the pictures are in!


As I may have told you before, on June 19, the Goldie family has arrived at Mr. Goldie’s hometown. We were tired but enthusiastic about the upcoming vacation.

We stayed at my BIL’s apartment next to a very nice church

and cathedral

We met Mr. Goldie’s small, but friendly family

His parents were happy to see us.

And the kids were excited to meet their cousins!

The town had well-developed public transportation

so when the kids got bored sitting in the apartment

we just took them to the riverside

I spent some quality time with my kids

and they paid me back with innocent love and trust (whoever took this picture is gonna get it from me!!! – I suspect Mr. Goldie)

My kids’ favorite thing to do on the trip was playing with their little cousins

Finally, it was time to get our butts out of the comfy chairs and fly back home, but, we will be back!

See it in more detail

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