Thursday, July 28, 2005

K9 Has an Unusual Wish

A few days ago, Mr. Goldie has bought an MP3 player for K9 on eBay.

We haven't received it yet. Needless to say, K9 checks the mail every other hour.

Yesterday, as soon as I got home, he rushed to me, asking:

"Mom, where's Dad?"

"Why, K9, it's his bowling night. He won't be home before ten."

(in a desperate voice) "He has a package. I need to see it!"


"K9, you perv!"

(I12 and I rolling on the floor laughing, K9 shouting indignantly: "It's not funny! It's not funny!")

That's what I like about life in my family - it's never boring.

PS. No, it was not the MP3 player, so we're still waiting...

The Goldie has spoken at 11:32 AM

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