Wednesday, August 03, 2005

K9 Ruins It for Construction Workers

We live on a small street right off a main drag. You go down the main drag, there’s a circle, one of the streets off the circle is ours. Apparently, our mayor likes this spot and tries to keep it in top shape, because, all four years that we’ve been living here, there’s permanent road work going on. This year, they are resurfacing the street itself. Last year, it was the walkway.

That’s where my son came in.

Each summer, we send K9 to city camp, to keep him in top shape. My Dad picks him up, only he doesn’t let K9 ride in the car unless it rains. K9 has to either walk

or ride his scooter

all the way home, which is, I’m guessing, about two miles. He enjoys it.

That one day last year was especially enjoyable.

I worked from home on that day, and offered to pick up K9, but Grandpa said no, and in due time, he arrived at camp to get his grandson. K9 rode the scooter home, and Grandpa walked next to him.

It was a beautiful sunny day, K9 was enjoying the ride, and kept speeding up. Very soon, he got way ahead of Grandpa. And in just ten more minutes, he came into my office, smiling, happy, and wet. By “wet” I mean, there was not a dry spot on him and there was water dripping from his clothes.

What in the world happened, I asked him, and heard this unbelievable story.

“Mom, what happened was, I was driving past the cemetery, and construction workers were there, and they were laying fresh cement on this little road, you know, the one we walk on. So I tried to get around them, and I fell. And I was all covered in cement, so they had to hose me down! And then, the police came! And Mom, the policeman was so kind, and he walked me right to my house! It was so cool!”

I was cracking up as I was helping K9 change into dry clothes. Just as I was done, Grandpa came in. He had no clue what had just happened.

“Is K9 here? Did he get home all right?”

“More than all right, Dad!”

We were hoping they’d leave a K9-shaped dent in the concrete, to remind us of his adventure. No such luck, they put a fresh layer over that spot. But we never forget. We remember. Each time we pass this spot, we wink at each other and reminisce on the day when K9 was hosed down by construction workers, and walked home by the policeman.

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