Monday, September 12, 2005

Of Smart Men, Movies, Parenting, Chinchillas, and Peter Griffin

Happy Monday, guys and gals!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Things have been very hectic, and will probably remain so for a while. (Hint: school started) I did write a short story, but it’s in Russian. For those of you who can read Russian, it is here.

Saturday night, we went to a local Mensa event and it was so much fun! We played board games. “Apples to Apples” rocks, you should try it! I invited I12’s classmate and his Mom to come along, and they had a great time. That’s probably what I should do – bring more people in. We’ll make this group a fun place yet, hehe. By the way, I found out how, after my last dinner with the group, myself, Business Woman, and Well-Organized Woman all ended up on the cover of the bulletin. Turns out, they’re consistently posting the pictures of (and I quote) “hot chicks” on the front cover, in order to lure men into coming to the events.

Ironically, it’s not working.

Being called a hot chick by a straight woman sure felt good. Talk about a self-esteem boost!

Sunday morning, I enrolled my poor kiddos in Sunday school. I12 wants to quit, but is not allowed until he has turned fourteen and read the six books that I’m going to give him. The deep thought behind this plan is that, while doing his required reading, I12 may experience a change of heart, and decide to stay in church. Worst case scenario, he will at least have built some knowledge base and have some basic idea what our faith is all about. Do you think it will work? Please feel free to share your opinions.

I also want to enroll K9 in altar boys this year. The enrollment is sometime in October. K9 and I already have a deal. It will cost me $10 for each Sunday he’s in the altar, and $17 for every holiday service that isn’t on a Sunday morning. I know, a lot of you may object, but the way I see it, it’s hard work and it should be rewarded. K9 shows an interest in all things spiritual, so I figure it will be good for him.

Sunday afternoon, I watched “Dead Poets Society” on DVD. It nearly broke my heart. The first time I watched DPR was fifteen years ago, and back then, I concentrated mostly on Robin Williams’ manner of teaching poetry. Interesting how your perception changes when you are fifteen years older and have kids. Also, this time, I saw the movie right after reading this and this ( – confessions of Asian high-school kids with pushy parents – interesting, although depressing, read). It turned out to be a very thought-provoking combination. I am definitely in favor of letting my children decide for themselves who they want to be and what their priorities should be. Granted, I’m still providing guidance, but that’s because K9 is too young, and I12, in my opinion, needs to be a bit more in touch with reality before I let him make his own decisions. But ultimately, I want them to think for themselves. Heck, I’ve spent all these years training them to be independent thinkers, I’m not about to stop now.

Evening brought a much-needed dose of Lighten Up in form of a new Family Guy episode. K9 and I howled with laughter through the entire ep. It’s really good. I hope you have either seen it or recorded it!

Nicky the chinchilla is still alive, despite all K9’s attempts to smother him. The little guy is so smart. We’ve taken him out to play a few more times, but he never attempted his last week’s stunt anymore! He will climb on my shoulder and sit there, staring at the sink, but he won’t jump. So, I guess he’s not a true guy, seeing as he can learn from his bad experiences! He can also tell me from K9. When I come to his cage, he sits around, his front paws folded in front of him and his head tilted to one side, waiting to be scratched… because I am a really good chinchilla scratcher! Whereas if K9 comes to the cage, Nicky will run and hide… because K9 tends to hold him and carry him around the house for hours. Needless to say, K9 is bumming out over this, thinking that Nicky loves me more. I tell him, “That’s easy – Nicky is exactly like your brother used to be when he was little. He likes to run and explore, and doesn’t like it when people bother him. Just think of Nicky as a small, furry I12”. Will this help? Let’s wait and see!

And now it’s Monday and I’m back in the office. Awww how I love my job. If I could just take all my coworkers, buy a farm somewhere… you know what I mean? Go see yesterday’s Family Guy if you don’t!

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