Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back To School VI - All You Need To Know About Middle School

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Well, I don’t know about your neck of woods, but here, school starts tomorrow and my kids are really bummed out! With that in mind, in case you have a kid that’s starting middle school and does not know what all the subjects are about, I have decided to post a brief review of them all. This post will, in some detail, cover each subject and what to expect from it. You guessed it already – it is another one of I12’s posts. My heartfelt apologies to all Language Arts teachers out there – I do not agree with my son about that stuff, I swear! English was my favorite subject when I was a kid, honest to Pete!

There were too many swear words so I added the asterisks. This is, after all, a nice family blog… yeah riiiiight!

Yeah, I hate school too:

Gym is useless. Edn. If I lieked sports I would play them outside of school.
Health is gewd.
Chorus is bawd and stupid and so is bawnd unless you want to be in it.
Math is okeyz but I dun need to learn what I already know.
Language Arts f**ks rotten s**t in the dumpster while being sodimized by a bum. If I can read, write, say, and listen without problems then f**k language arts.
Study hawl is f***ing stupid. It's a waste of time. Get rid of homework and use tests.
Lunch is okeyz.
Science is half-ok, but I dun need to know some and know some.
Social studies is bawd most of teh time. Some of the stuff is intresting, but I dun need to know any

And this concludes my Back-To-School series, because now, there’s a whole new school year to write about! I hope it treats you well!

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