Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Difficult Dilemma

I have a question for you, my readers. Suppose you've had a migraine headache for four days straight. You have the pills, but there's a side effect - they make you dizzy and nauseous and you keep throwing up like a sick puppy. Which one would you choose - pills and throwing up, or no pills and headache? I12 says he'd pick the headache. Me, I'm thinking I'll alternate the two until the headache goes away.

Talk about difficult choices.

Oh, and by the way, those pills also make you sleepy, so I slept in. K9 woke me up at ten in the morning by putting Nicky the chinchilla in my bed. I must confess it felt good.

Speaking of Nicky, K9's friends invited him to come over this weekend, but asked him to, and I quote, "bring the fuzzy thing". I said to tell them that, if they want to see the fuzzy thing, they need to come to our house. The fuzzy thing's not going anywhere.

I need to stop before I post something stupid. I'm currently in the Headache phase and this affects my thought processes. I'll go pull some weeds or do some laundry or something.

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