Friday, October 21, 2005

Nicky Loses His Virginity

As you may or may not be aware, all books and websites on chinchilla care recommend that you hide any electric cords before giving your chinnie a free run of a room. The reason for that is that chinchillas chew through things, and with cords or cables, this could result in unfortunate incidents, such as shown in "Nation Lampoon's Christmas".

After letting Nicky out a couple of times, we noticed that he did not, indeed, try chewing on the cords. We congratulated ourselves on having a well-trained chinchilla, and got into the habit of letting him out in every room of the house. He'd hop across rooms and hide behind furniture and enjoy his walks immensely.

Five minutes ago, I made an awful discovery while cleaning my office. I found out why my phone has suddenly stopped working. That's right, the little furball bit the phone cable in half.

I'm getting worried. Now that Nicky has tasted the phone cable and liked it, he may get addicted. Everybody knows that phone cable is a gateway drug. From there, he can move on to bigger, more serious stuff. He will keep increasing the dosage, until eventually he will cut off the power in the entire street.

Also, who knows if he doesn't decide to take it a step further and taste human flesh? Halloween is approaching. Beware of a man-eating, cable-cutting chinchilla.

Meantime, I need a new cable for my phone.

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