Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Am Back. My Template Sucks.

Hi-de-ho! I'm back!

Mrs. Goldie, the mom of two,
She loves them and they love you,
Therefore theoretically, she loves you,
Even if she's a Jew!

(she is, she really is)

Long story short, I suspected that my new employer had been poking around my blog, so I did the smartest thing possible. I deleted my template.

Turns out, the latest backup I had is from March 2005. You're looking at it.

The blog will be rebuilt gradually and I will be contacting the experts to have my blog redesigned. Please be patient. And don't be alarmed that the blogroll is gone - I am reading you all through Bloglines. I will use it to restore the blogroll as soon as I can.

We will now return to our scheduled programming.

The Goldie has spoken at 9:14 PM

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