Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Finally, An Answer To My Question!

Thank you, COD.

This is from the comments section of my unschooling post.

I understand unschooling a lot better now.

Some posts should just be allowed to speak for themselves.

The emphasis is mine.

They aren't your kids, they aren't the state's kids, the aren't the federal government's kids, and they aren't the UN's kids. If I want to let me kid play video games all day long it's absolutely none of your damn business. Why is this point so complicated for you? You worry about your kids, I'll worry about mine.

Where does it stop? Since my kids aren't in school getting the nutritious meals deep fried in 30 day old grease, maybe we should have to submit menus to the state every week. Maybe the government should attach a sensor to my TV to make sure my kids aren't playing Playstation at 2 PM. Maybe we should turn homeschoolers into a nationwide reality show and wire our homes with cameras, so you can look whenever you want, to make sure my kids are living up to whatever standard you think is appropriate.

Guess what Goldie, I don't give a damn about your standards. I don't give a damn about the government's standards. The only standards that matter are mine, which happen to be much more stringent than the government's anyway.

All of us would be much better off of if everybody just followed their mother's advice from many years ago.Keep your hands to yourself, and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

My kids are not your business.

The Goldie has spoken at 10:42 AM

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