Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do Unto Others

I know you are all wondering by now what was in ChinchillaBoy's Halloween loot. I have looked through it yesterday and here is the approximate breakdown:

Milky Ways - 30
Almond Joys - 2
Tootsie Rolls - 50
Reese's Cups - 40
Three Musketeers -20
Religious Tracts -2

ChinchillaBoy says that this only happens at one house in that area. They do not give candy or toothbrushes or dried fruits or anything else - just the tracts.

Being the kind-hearted boy that he is, next year ChinchillaBoy wants to give these good people something back. We got into a bit of an argument over what exactly it is going to be.

ChinchillaBoy suggested Satanist booklets, but I said, No way. Too far out there.

I suggested Orthodox booklets, but he said, No way. Too boring.

So far, we've come to a solution that we both seem to agree with. Here's the plan. I rip out a bunch of Playboy centerfolds, fold them nicely and give them to ChinchillaBoy and his friends, who in turn hand them to the tract-giving family.

Of course, this plan is not without its flaws. Twelve-year-old boys and Playboy centerfolds are not exactly a good combination. No worries, we still have 363 days to come up with something better. If you have any ideas, feel free to share!

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