Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bedazzled By High School

LilProgrammer: You know what happened at school today?

I: What?

LP: You know how on Valentine's Day you can pay a dollar and send one of those Valentine thingies anonymously to whomever you want?

I: Carnations?

LP: Yeah, those. So today, here's what they came up with. For a dollar, you can find out the name of your anonymous person.

I: You can find out who sent you a carnation?

LP: Yes! Isn't it dumb?!

I: That is so wrong! What if you sent a carnation to your secret crush?!

LP: Exactly, that's what everybody's doing, and now the people are going to find out. This is a violation of privacy.

I: Wait a minute. You know what I would do? I would make them bid against each other.

LP: (stares)

I: It would be an auction. I would have the anonymous person and their recipent raise the price, and then it's whoever wins. If the anonymous person outbids the recipient, then he gets to stay anonymous. If the recipient outbids the anonymous person, then he gets to find out who it was. Wouldn't that be awesome?

LP: And you call yourself a Christian.

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