Monday, January 29, 2007

Random Thoughts

Dear Mother Nature,

You've made your point. For the last two weeks, we've been freezing our asses off, and we're tired of driving on slippery roads. We promise not to complain about global warming ever again. You win. You can turn up the heat now.

*** *** ***

What do you say to a person who wants to be in touch with you, but you don't? When there are a lot of people like that in your life, does that mean you're cool or you're turning into a people-hater? A girl from work came to talk to me on her last day at that job. I'd been counting days for months, waiting for her to leave. I suspected she'd want to stay in touch, so my plan was to give her my cell phone number, and then it has caller ID. She calls once, I find out the number she's calling from, save it to my contacts, set some ominous music to go with it, and I never have to answer her calls again.

She said, "Give me your home address, in case I decide to stop by."

I was completely unprepared. I just sat there, eyes wide open, and watched in horror as these words came out of my mouth:

"Actually, we're planning to move".

She starts asking questions, or rather, making suggestions.

"Are you moving because you want a bigger house?" - that type of thing.

I just sit there nodding.

After five minutes of that, the story is born. Turns out, we live in an old and crappy house that we're trying to sell so we can buy a bigger one. We don't know yet whether we'll stay in the same city or move somewhere else. We are selling our house for 150K (hey, that wasn't my idea. She said it.) I don't know the details because Mr. Goldie handles all financial matters in our family, and I stay out of it completely. We'll let her know more, because she might be interested in buying.

She left, and I just sat there shaking my head. What could I have done differently? Is there a polite way to say:

"No, I won't give you my home address, because I don't like you and I don't like your company and I don't want you coming over, so do me a favor and quit trying to invite yourself."

If there is, I'd like to know it. Might still come in handy.

*** *** ***

We went to Trader Joe's last weekend. Paying at the checkout at Trader Joe's makes me so sad now. You know these large paper bags they have, with the handles? I used to use those to clean out the chinchilla's cage. I'd just roll all the chinchilla crap in a newspaper and shove it in a Trader Joe bag. I have no use for these bags now.

I need to put more chinchilla stories out here. Towards the end of his stay, he became really nervous and afraid of the dog, but we were still holding out hope that, one day, the two animals would become best friends. I think I lost my hope on the day when I accidentally hit him on the head with a door. He was trying to get out of the basement and attack the dog; the dog, in the meantime, was trying to get into the basement, so he could play with the chin. Long story short, I slammed the door on poor Nicky's head.

I went to check on him; he looked alive and even tried to hump me as usual.

Next day, I caught him banging his head on the door.

I went on my computer and emailed the rescue.

I miss the little furry guy. I hope he's doing well.

*** *** ***

When your kids are little, you can tell when they're hurt - they cry and wail. How can you tell if your teenager is hurt, I wondered one night before going to sleep.

I woke up at 1AM to LilProgrammer yelling,


I followed the bloody trail into the bathroom. LilProgrammer had been playing with a knife and accidentally hit himself in the eyebrow.

Now I know.

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