Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Chinchilla Has Left The Building

With a great sadness, I announce that Nicky the chinchilla does not live with us anymore. He did not get along with the dog, no matter how we tried, and, for the sake of his sanity, we had to give him away. I will tell you more about it later, when I'm actually awake (I was out last night until two in the morning, and was rudely awakened by the dog a few minutes ago) . For now, here's a priceless quote from ChinchillaBoy. We were taking about how we're going to give up the chin, and I said: "I feel bad for him. He's being passed around..."

The rest of the sentence, ChinchillaBoy and I said simultaneously, only turns out the two of us had different analogies in mind. Here's what we said:

I: "... like a baton".

My 11yo son: "... like a blunt".

Truth be told, ChinchillaBoy's analogy is a lot better, but WTF?

PS. The donut post seemed to be a big success. I don't remember getting this many comments since the unschooling posts. Mental note to self - write about comfort foods more.

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