Saturday, December 23, 2006

Aw, Who Am I Kidding?

I honestly tried.

It's not working.

Think about it - when I'm in the office, I can only blog, read your guys' blogs, and comment on them during my lunch hour. I have about fifty blogs in my feed. Try reading 50 blogs and commenting on them in 60 minutes. Oh, and don't forget post something while you're at it.

And when I'm home? Hmm, two kids, a dog and a chinchilla. That pretty much accounts for all my free time.

Also, what will I write about anyway? I barely read the news, and I cannot blog about my kids anymore - they're not letting me. Well, unless it is related to Aspergers, in which case I'm not even asking LilProgrammer's permission. He just needs to get used to the fact that he's being a six-foot-tall guinea pig for the benefit of other kids with AS and their parents.

Oh, and another thing? No matter how hard I try, this is not my native language, and it shows. I have been doing this for two years. Most of the people that started at the same time I did already have book deals or are otherwise writing for a living. I am confident that I can produce really good stuff, but only if I am writing in Russian. But who the heck will buy it? It's in Russian. Plus, my blogfriend Holly has quit. The blogosphere just isn't the same without her.

With that said, I give up. Don't expect regular posts from this blogger. I will continue to post sporadic book reviews, Aspie digest releases and an occasional funny saying or two from one of my kids. I cannot tell you when it happens, but it'll definitely show in your feeds. I will try to read and comment on your guys' blogs from time to time. You're the best! Please stay in touch via email.

Also, for those of you that can read Russian, feel free to peruse my LiveJournal. It's mostly brief updates, but there are some stories thrown in here and there.

ChinchillaBoy just threw a funny saying at me, so I'll go ahead and post it here. Thanks, dude. Speaking of ChinchillaBoy, he's been quite the writer lately, and some of the essays he did at school are seriously good. His teacher is in awe. Maybe one day, he'll let me post some of his stuff, so stay tuned.

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