Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Sparky

Dear Sparky:

Thank you for telling our neighbors that, no matter how warm it is outside, midnight is not a good time and place for an all-out, way too loud Thanksgiving party on the patio. They seemed to be really impressed with your growling, and frankly, so am I! Nothing I ever said to them over the past five years has ever had such effect.

I also owe you for barking at Jehovah's witnesses when they came to our door bright and early Saturday morning. No matter how many times we've told these people to go away and not waste their time coming to our house, they always return. Well, I guess not anymore.

Since you have been so good at reading my deepest thoughts and conveying them to people in no uncertain terms, I hereby elevate your status in the pack. Your place is now right above LilProgrammer and ChinchillaBoy. Don't tell them; it'll break their hearts.

Preach it, brother! Arf arf arf!!!

The Goldie has spoken at 1:24 PM

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