Monday, November 13, 2006

Life Is A Highway

What I like about living with my family is that it's like a thriller, an action movie and a comedy all wrapped in one. You don't know what'll happen next, but you can guarantee it will be hilarious.

Last Friday, I come home from work and my parents inform me:

"LilProgrammer missed the bus home after school, so a police car dropped him off."

How nice, I think to myself. Cops cruising round the school, picking up kids that missed the bus. That's exceptional service. I think I like this high school.

Also, good to see that my traffic ticket money has been going to a good source.

An hour later, ChinchillaBoy arrives with more information.

"He walked halfway home, then a police car picked him up."

I go to LilProgrammer.

"Did you miss the bus today?"


"So a police car picked you up?"

"Yes, it did."

"Where did it pick you up?"

"Almost at the exit."

And here I thought I'd heard it all.

"Okay, LilProgrammer, can you backtrack a little? So he picked you up almost at the exit."

"Yes." He's slightly irritated with my density. What's there not to understand?

"How did you get to the almost-exit?"

"I took the same route the school bus takes on its way home. I got on the freeway and I was about to get off at the exit when a car picked me up."

"Wait a minute, you were walking on the freeway?"

"I was walking on the grass! They have grass over there!"

Oh and, by the way, he was also carrying fifty pounds of books and a huge wooden something he'd built in construction class. Oh the joy.

"When you got on, didn't you see a sign that says "No pedestrians allowed"?"


"So what did the police officer say?"

"You shouldn't be here" and "that's a lot of books".

"Want me to show you a shortcut from the high school to our house?"

"Nope. Why are you guys so excited anyway? So I walked on the grass on the freeway. So what? You guys worry too much."

That was how my weekend started.

It ended with ChinchillaBoy crank-calling his friend as Jesus.

I love this family.

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