Sunday, November 26, 2006

Merry what-what-what to you??

So how was everybody's Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was great! Did you know it's possible to actually get stuffed on Cornish hens?

I have finally managed to fix the annoying encoding bug on my blog, so you won't be seeing the wacky characters anymore. All I had to do was change one setting in the Formatting tab. Figures. I also added two of you to my blogroll - you know who you are, and thank you for reading me - and Jay gave me a nice little button for making the B4B top seven, which I am proud to display on my sidebar. (Although now that I think of it, I should have added a link to Jay's to the button, or something. Oh well, messed up again.)

I went to LilProgrammer's parent-teacher conference a few days ago, and learned many useful things. I believe a new issue of Aspie Digest is in order, so stay tuned, it'll be coming out soon.

It seems that December is finally here, and with it, the eternal question: do you wish people Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? My vote is on the second, possibly because half the people I know celebrate Hanukkah, and who knows what else. We live in a pretty diverse area. Besides, many people like myself celebrate a religious holiday of their choice, plus the New Year. New Year has traditionally been a huge holiday in Russia, and my friends and I are trying our darnedest to keep it that way. So, it would be perfectly acceptable saying "Happy Holidays" to us, since we do indeed celebrate more than one holiday this month.

"But-but-but, Goldie," I can already hear, "this is a Christian country. We have been wishing everybody a Merry Christmas since the Puritans. People should either accept it or get out."

This is certainly true. I also consider it very true that this country is a large melting pot comprised almost exclusively of immigrants. People should either accept it or get out. Also, the native inhabitants of this country did not, traditionally, celebrate Christmas. Talk about adhering to the country's traditions.

On September 11, 2002, at my old job, we had a brief meeting in memory of the event. It was very touching; we all stood in a circle and held hands, while one of the admin assistants gave a passionate speech. All went very well until she said,

"Now let's pray. Our Father who art in Heaven..."

I am sure a lot of people in our department found that part very confusing. They used to call our department, jokingly, "the UN", as we had people from all over the world. Next to me stood a Hindu guy. As far as I remember, he did not join in. The meeting was followed by a lot of commotion and I believe the HR got involved, and we did not have any more meetings on September 11th. Which is a pity, because it was a really good idea, ruined by less than well-thought-out implementation.

Don't let it happen to our Holiday season.

Happy Holidays!!!

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