Monday, December 25, 2006

Go Ahead, Envy Me, I'm Wrap's MVP

As it so often happens, this post is inspired by Michele. Check out this discussion on wrapping gifts, which I completely missed. The discussion is five days old, so, even if I commented, no one would read what I have to say.

Here's a foreigner's perspective for you - I see gift-wrapping as a shining example of the Great American Waste, second only to teaching preschool and kindergarten kids making crafts out of food. Every year, people buy yards and yards of good quality paper, wrap huge boxes in it and give them as gifts, only to have all the paper thrown in the garbage seconds after the gift is opened. And we wonder why the world sees us as spoiled rich brats?

It took me years to get on the wrapping bandwagon. I confess; I do it now, even when the gifts are for my own family. I do, however, use gift bags when I can. They at least can (and should, IMO) be reused. From what I've read at Michele's, this is considered a major faux pas. Oh well, as long as I help save at least some paper, I don't really care what anybody thinks.

I think we may want to cut out the middle man and, instead of spending our hard-earned cash on fancy wrapping paper and throwing it in the garbage the instant it's been used, we should just throw the cash in the garbage and save ourselves time and effort. Better yet, send the cash to me.

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