Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is not a lucky month for LilProgrammer. He is sick with a 103 degree fever.

Last night, as I was trying to get some TeraFlu into him, he started talking, feverishly. He said a lot of really interesting things at the rate of ten thousand words a minute. I guess he was being sarcastic. He is always being sarcastic. Here's a part of his speech that I remember best, though not, unfortunately, word for word.

"Why I do this, you ask? 'Cause I'm a teenager, see, and all teenagers are little pieces of shit, like actual little pieces of real shit, floating in the toilet, crapped out by some guy, unless he has diarrhea, which would really suck for the teenagers, 'cause there's no pieces of shit in diarrhea, everything's just one big mass, so that would ruin my metaphor, see..."

I keep telling LilProgrammer he needs to blog. He ignores me. That sucks. I'm not doing his words enough justice. They should be posted in all lowercase on some angsty-looking site with a black background. That's where they belong.

On a different note, some time back you guys helped me understand the word "lossless". Today, I need your help again. Is "ish" a word? As in:

"How was school?"


"How'd you do on the test?"


LilProgrammer says it means "neither here nor there". Does it?

The Goldie has spoken at 2:53 PM

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