Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Importance of Being Hot

Yesterday at work… (here’s to hoping I don’t get dooced for this…)

Anyway, yesterday at work, around the end of the day, as I walk into a meeting room that’s next to the entrance, I notice these two very pretty girls sitting in our front lobby, typing away on their laptops.

For the record, our building has pretty tight security and, in order to get in, you have to either have a key card, or you can call your party and they will let you in. There is no receptionist or front desk or anything – just a locked door and a phone. This policy was put in place a few years ago, for a variety of (very good) reasons. Normally, people won’t let you in unless they know you work there – the folks were pretty laid-back about it at first, but then somebody let in a guy that turned out to be a security auditor, that put an end to the random acts of kindness pretty quickly.

Back to the story, we’re sitting in the meeting room, going about our business. An hour later, one of the very pretty girls knocks on our door and asks what building it is. She had no idea where she was. You know what that means? That means that someone had let her in, even though he didn’t know her from Eve. (Yes, I’m pretty positive it was a “he”.)

This got me thinking. Isn’t it amazing how the beautiful people get all the breaks in life? I mean, someone put his job on the line just to let a cute girl into the building.

Isn’t it a little bit shallow? But, if it is, why do we find ourselves doing it? I know I do it all the time. I’ll let a cute guy get away with a lot of things (see my “Open Letter” post below.) Why the heck am I, a responsible mother of two, doing this? I should probably stop right now.

This is becoming more of an issue to me as two things take place simultaneously: a) I very rapidly transition from the “hot chick” into the “adorable old lady” category, and therefore am no longer eligible for the benefits; and b) my two sons are growing up and becoming more and more interested in girls. And I have never even thought to teach them to give people equal treatment, regardless of the looks.

Oh, the things we overlook in life.

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