Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Of Trees and Stuff

There’s been some interesting discussions in the blogosphere lately.

First, it was the Intelligent Design in schools.

Now it is all about Christmas. Is Christmas really under attack? Should we say “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!” Is it a Christmas tree or a holiday tree? Can I send a Christmas card to my especially nasty Jewish relatives, just to piss them off? (okay, the last one was my personal dilemma, so scratch that.)

As I’ve been reading this, I suddenly came up with this most strange analogy.

Think back to your high school years.

Now, picture the most popular kid at your school. You know, the one everybody else wanted to be.

Now picture yourself, walking around your school with a baseball bat, telling people to be nice to the popular kid; to be friends with the popular kid, or else!!!; and promising that, if they say one bad word about the popular kid, you smack them on the head with your bat.

What I don’t understand is this… Does the popular kid really need this kind of defense? Aren’t an awful lot of people friends with the popular kid already? Can’t the popular kid stand for himself?

In other words, does God really need us to shove Him down other people’s throats?

The Goldie family celebrates Christmas. The Goldie parents don’t. I am okay with that.

My kids get both Christmas presents and Hanukkah gelt. Lucky bastards.

The tree that stands in my house (well, it's not standing there yet, but you know what I mean) is most definitely a Christmas tree. The tree that is in my parents’ house is not. It is a New Year tree. I’m fine with that. It doesn’t offend me in any way. The tree in front of our city hall, they can call it the Police Department tree for all I care. Whatever works for the diverse population of our city.

Some days I think Jesus must be more offended by all the retail hype they call Christmas season, than by people wishing each other Happy Holidays.

I hope you each have a happy Holiday season.

The Goldie has spoken at 9:49 AM

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