Thursday, November 17, 2005

Family Fun

K10 has finally been able to tell us what he was doing last weekend when he was away. Boy, those “Assterbule” folks sure know how to party! Here’s the story in K10’s actual words. Keep in mind there were (in my estimation) five kids present, ages from 2 or 3 to 10.

“Mom, we had so much fun!!! They have like five acres of property, and a dog!! Okay, first, we saw the dog, and I got a bit scared, because it was so big, but then I got to know him better and he’s so kind! He’s a mutt. So we played with him all day. Then came the bonfire.

First, we gathered some firewood, but the fire wasn’t big enough. Then, we poured some gasoline on it, but it still wasn’t big enough. Then, we poured some lighter fluid on it, but it still wasn’t big enough. Then, they told all the kids to stand back because they were gonna throw some nitro on it.”

“Who’s ‘they’?”

“The adults.”

“What’s nitro?”

“I don’t know, but when they threw it on the fire, MOM!!! the fire was, like, ten feet high. It was as high as a house! And on top of the fire, there was this thing, you know, like in the movies? about war? when there’s a nuclear explosion?”

“What, a mushroom?

“Yeah, a mushroom! Mom, it was SO COOL!!!”

(Mom shakes head, rolling eyes and muttering: “guys…”.)

Like an old friend of mine used to say: “Goldie, there most definitely is a God. Because, think about it, if there wasn’t, none of our kids would be alive by now!”

PS. Kim, this story sounds like something I’d normally read on your blog… did my son, by any chance, spend last weekend with any of your male relatives? Because, you know, if he did, that is, like, SO COOL!

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