Saturday, November 26, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Arethusa promised there’d be hot guys, so I went to see the movie yesterday. (Alas, it turns out that we don’t share the same taste in men, although I did enjoy Predrag Bjelac as the dark and evil Igor Karkaroff.) My junior movie reviewer, K10, was with me as well, so we’ll be writing a joint review here.

K10: “I enjoyed it and I would definitely see it again.”

Goldie: “Well, you guys know how I am about movie versions of books, so I wasn’t really expecting much. I’d say the movie lived up to my expectations. It wasn’t so bad, in fact. Of course, as everybody else has already agreed, trying to cram 800 pages of a book into two hours of a movie wasn’t probably a good idea. I can understand cutting out the characters’ inner struggles and leaving the pure action – that, IMO, could work well. But when there’s five hours worth of action and two hours to compress them into, it can lead to some seriously confusing results. Good thing I have just read the book a few weeks ago. Most of the movie, I acted as a translator for K10, because the scenes were changing so rapidly, he had no idea what was going on. (We knew it’d happen, so we sat in the very far corner away from everybody.) Oh, and where the heck are the elves?!”

K10: “The maze gave me a huge hype, but my favorite part was probably the dragon. The Voldemort fight was also very good, very exciting.”

Goldie: “I figured that this particular book would make for a lot of really neat movie scenes, with visual effects and all. I agree with my son, the maze was out of this world, and Voldemort was very convincing, truly intimidating. Actually, the whole Voldemort revival scene gave me the creeps. K10 and I both agreed the Death Eaters looked totally like the KKK!”

K10: “Voldemort had a pretty good role. And I can’t currently think of any more actors.”

Goldie: “Mad-Eye Moody somehow left me unimpressed, probably due to the fact that everyone had been telling me how awesome he would be and I was expecting a lot. Barty Crouch Junior, though, now that was something. I really liked Rita Skeeter. Oh, and I hate to say this, but Viktor Krum looks like a Russian mafia member from the 1990’s. In fact, I don’t know whether it was by design or error, but the whole Durmstrang team gives off this impression that they are a Russian criminal group, passing through Hogwarts on their way from a racketeering job – the clothes, the haircuts, the facial expressions, everything was a complete match.”

K10: “I expect the next movie to be a little more advanced, because in 2007, the producers will have better movie equipment to work with.”

Goldie: “When the movie started, the first thing that popped into my head was, Man, the kids are HUGE! At the rate they’re growing, and the movies are being made, the last movie will show Harry, Ron and Hermione in their thirties. Ah, who cares? I’m still going to go see it.”

The Goldie has spoken at 10:18 PM

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