Tuesday, October 07, 2008


* In my 4th grade Sunday School class last week, two boys were fighting over a pen. I took the pen away, sat between them, and continued with the lesson. Instantly the kids became quiet and started listening. Wow, I'm good, I said to myself. Look how well I handled that one. Maybe I do have a teaching talent.

That's when the kid on my right let out a silent and deadly.

* V has joined the rest of the crowd with an obligatory Sarah Palin post. It was pretty good, however these words caught my attention: "...we'll let the magazines turn Obama and McCain into quasi-celebrities and we'll watch the whole horse in pony show..." I get thrown off easily by minor details, so my poor mind just took off running.

I kept having this visual of a huge, angry horse sexually violating this tiny, cute pony.

I left a comment asking who's the horse and who's the pony in this ungodly alliance. No one got it. I need to learn to be more clear, maybe insert some graphics into my comments.

* Speaking of Palin, the woman has forever contaminated the words "darn it", "dangit", "heck", and "doggone it". How's one to swear in public? Oh well, at least "fuck this shit" is still open. Don't you dare touch that one, Sarah, you hear me?!

* My next writing class assignment is to write a nonfiction story on a subject I feel strongly about. So far my list has: chinchillas, Aspergers, working on-call support, teamwork. There has to be a sci-fi story in there somewhere about outsourcing on-call support to a team of unsocial chinchillas.

* CB is turning 13 in six days. If I had let my parents have it their way and have our family practice Judaism, we'd be so screwed right now. But seriously, can you suggest something fun to do for a group of 5-6 thirteen-year-olds at a birthday sleepover?

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