Thursday, October 02, 2008

Links, Updates, And Palin Bingo

Figured I'd skip the musical offering this week.

Here are a few interesting reads that I found:

1) Thanks to Eden for a link to Not Always Right, a site that records silly/crazy customer behavior. I lost hours to this thing. Here's an example to give you a taste:

Hopefully, She Got The House
Hotel Rhode Island, USA

Me: "Thank you for calling, how may I help you?"

Guest: "Hi, yes, I'm calling because your hotel charged our credit card twice?"

Me: "Okay, ma'am, if I can have your name, I'll look you up in the computer and we can get this straightened out."

Guest: *morphs into an uber-witch in 3 seconds flat* "Straightened out? D**n right you're going to get this straightened out! You charged enough for that crappy little room, I'll be d**ned if we're paying for it twice! My husband works too hard for his money to be charged double for something like this! There wasn't even a BAR there!"

Me: "I'm sorry, ma'am, but if I can just have your name and the date you stayed-"

Guest: "That's just IT! I was charged on two separate DATES. My name is ____ and my husband and I stayed there on June 9th. There's another charge on there for the 17th, I want this fixed!"

Me: "Yes, ma'am. I understand, ma'am. I’m looking now, ma'am... okay, I see the problem. You did stay here on the 9th of June. I'm showing that someone by the name of [husband] stayed on the 17th."

(There's dead silence for a moment, and then whispering.)

Guest: "What?"

(At this point my stomach falls into my shoes, because I can hear her mind ticking away, and I know something she doesn't: another name is listed on the screen with her husband's for the June 17th stay, and it's NOT HERS.)

Me: "Um... ma'am?"

Guest: "I see. You've been very helpful."

Me: "Thank you ma'am. Can I help you with anything else today-"

(At this moment the woman drops the phone but does not hang up, and I hear her begin to scream at someone, swearing in combos I never would have thought up. I hang up quickly and try to go about my business, making a note of it to tell my boss. Then I get another phone call...)

Me: "Thank you for calling, how-"

Guest's husband: "I want to talk to your manager, you stupid little b**ch! You dumb little c**t, you probably just cost me my marriage and I am going to sue your s**thole hotel for every penny it's worth! Do you hear me? Do you?!"

Me: *click*

2) So, who's watching the debates tonight? You'll probably need something to keep your hands busy to keep you from tearing your hair out in desperation. And I have just the thing for you! Courtesy of Gedblog, the Palin Bingo! Rules are here, printable PDF is here. We'll be playing!

3) Everybody go over to Waiter Rant and congratulate him on his book being made into a freakin TV Show! Talk about a well-deserved break.

4) The kinky church sign has been changed! It now says "Thank God for dirty dishes; at least you have food." Once again, the elevator failed to go all the way to the top. I have to agree with them, though, that there are many good uses for dirty dishes!

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