Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Check Me Out on TripAdvisor

Last week, we were on vacation. Good for us, eh? Well, the jury is still out. Anyway, the good part is, I submitted a review to TripAdvisor as soon as we got back and they posted it today. Here it is, so you don't have to click over. I'm so proud of my writing prowess.

Nasty Hovel

My husband and I and our teenage son have just returned from our 7-night stay at
this hotel. We are extremely easygoing, low-maintenance people with low low
expectations. In fact, two years ago we stayed at Hollywood Beach Towers next
door and loved it. This year we wanted to see what the Ramada was like so
decided to give it a try, big mistake. The hotel is in need of major renovation,
everything smells. My husband's allergies flared up because of the old musty
carpets and mattresses. There was no thermostat in our room, instead there was
an AC that had two positions, OFF and ON which was about 40F. You had to either
freeze or suffocate, I spent every night getting up to turn the AC off and on
every few hours. Our biggest disappointment was the pool. In Hollywood Beach
Towers, the pool is directly adjacent to the hotel and is open till 11PM or
midnight, this one is at a distance from the hotel so you have to walk through a
mall and a bar to get to the pool. Also it closes at 8. Service is incredibly
hard to get, if you're a female, I recommend that you turn on the cute and go
talk to the concierge directly, this is the only way we have been able to get
help when needed. Overall a huge disappointment, I have stayed at Motel 6 and 8
but nothing as bad as this. Go to Hollywood Beach Towers instead or choose a
different hotel altogether.

Seriously though, I'm so mad. I just got back from vacation, I am supposed to be all recharged and energetic; instead, I'm exhausted because we never managed to get a good night's sleep at that place. Don't be like me, don't stay in cheapo hotels - it'll cost you more in the long run.

How did we end up there, you ask? Well it all started seven years ago, when we went to a timeshare presentation to get free steak and ended up buying the damn property. Stupid, stupid, stupid. We are now trying to get rid of the timeshare. I'll let you know how that goes.

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