Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shaken and Afraid

Sometimes life is scarier than any Stephen King novel.

Our next-door neighbor, the one of the loud music, was shot on Tuesday. He died protecting his family from a vile, crazy man who came to "talk" to them with a truckload of guns and ammo. A family member was killed as well. I cannot disclose the details because I don't want my location figured out. Besides, the reporters are now circling our house like vultures and I won't want to post anything they can feed on.

I feel bad now that I never got along with the man. It seems like, for all our differences, his priorities were not far from my own. He has my admiration for defending his family.

A part of me of course is shaken up by the fact that there was shooting, basically, in front of my house, fifteen minutes after the kids came home from school. ChinchillaBoy wanted to walk to a friend's house right after school. We didn't let him because he had to do his homework first. Had we let him go, he'd have been outside alone when the killer arrived. This scares me to no end. We are a very quiet, peaceful neighborhood, but things won't be the same for a while I think.

My prayers go out to the victims and their family.

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