Monday, April 30, 2007

Coming Up Soon: My Family Writes

I am trying to take this blog in a new direction, seeing as most family blogs are out of the game already. Also, my kids won't let me write about them anymore, so it's time to move on. I will probably be jumping from one thing to another before I settle on something.

For this week, ChinchillaBoy and I decided to each write a short story on the same subject and see how we fare against each other. Since all writing classes and books on creative writing advise to pick a subject you're familiar with, we picked "The Evil Principal". My story is already finished and will be posted tomorrow; ChinchillaBoy's is still in the works. Naturally, the last thing our family needs is a lawsuit, therefore all characters and events in our stories are purely fictional. Any resemblance to a real person or event is accidental, so get off our back.

Stay tuned.

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