Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Calling All Writers!!

UPDATE: Thanks Ajooja and Paula! I don't have any work-in-progress right now, so I pulled out of this class, will probably take the one in summer or fall. heh heh No, seriously, something came up that would've made me miss a class. I'm a stingy b#tch, and didn't want to waste my money like that, so I pulled out. I need to get some work-in-progress in place by the next class. Thanks again for the info.

Guys, I have a question. I have signed up for a creative writing seminar that starts tomorrow. It says on their website to "submit works-in-progress in advance of the class, either a section of a novel or a short story". What did they mean by that? Is it OK to submit the short stories that I already have, or am I supposed to start on something tonight??? If anyone reads this post today, please let me know in the comments.
Sorry about not blogging, work is killing me.

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