Sunday, June 15, 2008


I've been thinking maybe I should start blogging again.

Here's how I stumbled upon this thought.

As you (both of you, my faithful readers) remember, I have a teenage son named LilProgrammer. Naturally, I barge into LilProgrammer's room several times a day, under lame excuses like that I'm about to start laundry and I need his laundry basket, or I'm about to start the dishwasher and I need his dirty dishes. Anyway, this one morning, as I walked in, LilProgrammer quickly minimized a window on his computer screen.

Gasp! Porn? Violence? Drug-dealing site? I allow my kids to get away with a heck of a lot. What untold horrors did LilProgrammer feel the need to minimize? Turns out, it was Violent Acres.

My teenage son has been reading a blog. And I used to have one, too! And I don't anymore. If I bring it back from the dead, maybe one day, some teen will read it too, huh? How about that?

So I pondered. And I pondered. And BTW, yes, I do know that VA claims not to be a blog. But, seriously, people? If it walks like a duck... Anyway, while pondering, I read through most of VA so I could chat about it with LilProgrammer, and I found some really neat, thought-provoking posts that I will comment on sometime later. For now, here's the updates.

Remember those little kids I used to have? They are going into 7th and 10th grades this fall. LilProgrammer, by the way, is 6'2" tall, so a new nickname may be in order, but I'm lazy.

The kids are doing great in school. And they cook their own food and mow the lawn. This feels good, my friends.

I'm still on all sorts of Asperger mailing lists, but I have no idea why. I should really unsubscribe but like I said, I'm lazy.

Our little doggy Sparky is all grown up, two years old and very cute.

We just got back from vacation. We had vacation club points to burn, so we stayed at one of their locations for a week. I submitted a review of the hotel to TripAdvisor today. It is called "Nasty Hovel". We had a great time.

I try to plan a trip to Russia next year, but my family still hasn't warmed up to it. I have recently reconnected with a crazy number of old friends through two Russian social-networking websites, this one and this one, and have a massive urge to come over and catch up with them in person. Please help me convince my family.

Speaking of, if you can read Russian, my LJ is alive and kicking, averaging about two updates a month. Click over if you're interested. The latest stories have been about me teaching Sunday School this past school year. Yes, you read that right. Hard to believe, huh?

In closing, I was going to post a link to LilProgrammer's site, but apparently he took it offline without even asking his mother's permission. This sucks; there was a really neat game on that site that LilProgrammer wrote over last summer break. So this is all I have for today. Peace, friends and spammers.

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