Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Little Aromatic Friend

Things I learned this weekend:

1) The day you decide to finally take the dog to the park, it will be ninety degrees outside and no one will be able to move, let alone go anywhere.
2) The dog that is exhausted from heat, will loudly protest when you try to hose him down. He will, however, eventually realize that it is for his own good, and will run off to play.
3) In a 1/3 acre backyard, there will be exactly one piece of miscellaneous animal crap lying in the most inconspicuous place.
4) It takes five minutes for a small dog to locate the above mentioned piece of animal crap, rub his face in it, and roll in it thoroughly. All this while you’re thinking your pet is happily frolicking in the grass.
5) Laundry-room sink is a perfect spot for an emergency dog bath.
6) Dogs don’t like to have their face shampooed. It does not work anyway, so don’t bother.
7) It helps immensely to have neighbors that are long-time dog owners.
8) The only way to get the smell of excrement out of the dog is rub him with 2.5% vinegar.

I hope your Memorial Day was better than mine!

Coming up soon: Extreme sports! Goldie reads chick-lit on a dare!!! Stay tuned.

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