Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kids... - 2

I love my son ChinchillaBoy.

I love him so much that I have set nearly all my passwords to his name. That included my email password, my eBay password, my Blogger password, etc. Notice that I said “included”.

It was bound to happen, and last night, it finally happened.

Mr. Goldie and I are out at a bowling tournament with our friends, and all of a sudden my cell phone rings. What do you know, it’s ChinchillaBoy.

“Mom, there’s this guy on eBay selling all the Wacky packages ever made, for $50,000 only. And you know what Wacky packages mean to me.”

Lately, ChinchillaBoy has taken to collecting the Wacky packages.

“Forget it, ChinchillaBoy, I’m not buying.”

“Mom, I know. But I emailed the guy from your account, and now we’re chatting through your email. Is that okay?”

I almost dropped a bowling ball on my foot.

“No, that’s NOT okay! Get out right now. Do NOT agree to anything. Do NOT buy anything. What are you doing in my email account anyway?!?! You have your own. I’m changing the passwords as soon as I get home, you hear me???”

“Yes, yes, Mom. I’m not gonna buy anything. Okay bye.”

So we continue to bowl in the tournament, and then go out to party with our friends, and have a great time.

This morning, I wake up and of course the first thing I do after feeding the dog and walking the dog, and having a cup of coffee, and walking the dog again, is I get on my email account to change my password. But first, I decide to check the email.

And this is what I see….

ChinchillaBoy wrote:

I have 3 questions, could you drive to (city name edited) ohio, are the cards in mint condition and what are the other random items? Also, how big an offer would you accept because i dont have 50,000$ and my son REALLY wants this for collecting. He isnt spoiled but this is the last gift we are ever going to give to him if we win the bid.

The seller wrote:

what is your phone number? This is far too big a lot and far too serious an amount to discuss this via email. If these were all MINT, the asking price would be $100,000. I gave a break down of the sticker conditions in auction description and I put a link to my grading site. I will be adding some scans of stickers from the lot today.

BTW - I can drive to Ohio, no issues there.

ChinchillaBoy wrote:

How much would one set of each series cost for me?

The seller wrote:

I would have to wait until the auction ends as I won't commit to pulling one of each set until I assess if someone wants this entire massive collection. Depending on condition you seek, series 16 alone is like a $2500 set, the other sets series 1-15 have a variety of varation cards so if you wanted all variation cards in let's say Ex+(some soft/rounded corners but otherwise nice looking stickers), series 1-15 would be another $2500 with all puzzles included so the run would be around $5000 but I want to assess how much a similar run just sold for on ebay as I believe the seller listed it for $7500 and got it.

ChinchillaBoy wrote:

I just need the 16 series, no extra series after that... if the sheets are uncut and cant be cut ill have to pass because we cant afford that.

The seller wrote:

You inquired about buying a $50,000 auction and you can't afford $5000 for series 1-16? There are 2 uncut sheets in this auction that have nothing to do with the single stickers that make up series 1-16.

I am not going to sell series 16 by itself.

Thanks for your interest

ChinchillaBoy wrote:

Sorry i didnt read your reply to my question before asking, ill consider it.

The seller wrote:


We can chat after the auction at some point. Your original inquiry was about buying the entire lot. That is clearly not something you are seriously considering so I am perplexed why you asked.

Even after the auction, I will not be interested in selling the series 16 set alone. If you are interested in buying a large chunk of the 15,000 stickers, then let me know. Otherwise, feel free to write me after the auction with your specific set needs and I will price for you.


Goldie wrote:

Good morning,

I apologize for the previous email exchange, my 10yo son got into my email account yesterday while I was out and wrote all of the previous emails. I am changing the password as soon as I finish typing this message.

As you probably understand, I have no intention to buy a full set of Wacky packages for $50,000 or any part of it for $5,000 or any similar amount - I just do not have that kind of money laying around. I apologize if my son has accidentally misled you to think otherwise. Sorry about the inconvenience this has caused.


I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry or freak out.

ChinchillaBoy does not talk to me now because I told him I’d written to the guy and apologized. He says I suck. And he doesn’t even know I’m posting the whole exchange on my blog! I say he’s lucky to have a mom with a sense of humor and the ability to own up to her own mistakes. Setting my passwords to his name was beyond dumb. Don’t ever do that, people!

In other news, I accidentally stole some 7th-grade girl’s homework assignment and have no idea how to get it back to her… more on that later.

The Goldie has spoken at 10:58 AM

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