Monday, March 27, 2006

Friends Just Want to Make Love

Hello all! Isn’t it a beautiful day? It certainly is a beautiful day, nice and sunny 45 degrees here on the far east of Cleveland. This is definitely a change from 30 degrees and snow that we had two days ago. I feel so lucky to have been enjoying this beautiful weather since three-freakin-thirty in the morning! That’s when I woke up to find out that LilProgrammer is sick and has a 102 degree fever, a sore throat, a headache, and all the good stuff. I’ve been up since then because I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve made good use of the time. I cleaned three bathrooms and the chinchilla’s cage, then I had a real breakfast with coffee. This rarely happens to me on weekdays. So now I’m sleep-deprived and hopped up on coffee. Usually, when that happens, I ramble, as indicated by this post.

Here’s what I wanted to show you today. A few weeks ago, my credit card company decided to reward my loyalty by sending me a big-ass refrigerator magnet that you take apart and make like a hundred small ones with positive words on them, such as: “THANKS”, “LOVE”, “GOOD JOB”, etc. Apparently, no one in my credit company has been reading my blog, or else they would’ve realized they sent their magnets to the wrong person.

ChinchillaBoy and I have been having fun with these things for weeks. We use them to make all sorts of sentences, which, I guess, is what they’re actually intended to be used for. Here’s a few of our creations. I take lousy pictures, so each one will be followed by a short explanation, just so you know what it says.

Here’s ChinchillaBoy’s request… I’m guessing he wants money, but I’m pretending I don’t understand what this message means.

“Give me big thanks with nice recognition & a little something valued”

And here are a few from me…

Timeless truths:

“Friends want to make love”

Some strong language:

“For the love of…”

And, finally, my masterpiece:

“Attention parents, you are cordially invited to our elementary school’s awards ceremony” – to which I reply…

“Thanks a million. We care.”

My brain is kind of mushy right now so I cannot think of any good closing lines, so here are the recent pictures of my kids. They look funny because their bodies are all going through changes and stuff (well, except for the chinchilla).




New furry creature to be purchased soon… stay tuned!

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