Monday, February 27, 2006

Random Thoughts and Facts

It seems that my part of the blogosphere is dying out. Half the people I know have shut down their blogs and moved on to paying gigs (which IMO is excellent). And the other half are barely updating. What should I do?? Are blogs, like, so last week?


I finally realized that it’s easier to write in your native language (who woulda thought, huh?) and started a LiveJournal blog in Russian. Enjoy if you can. LJ is so cool, all my friends are there and it has this awesome feature where all new posts from your friends are displayed on a single page. Saves a lot of time and energy. (Although Bloglines probably does the same thing, I need to check.)


As I was listening to ChinchillaBoy’s mix in my car this morning, I had this thought. What’s with those edited CDs? I bought one by accident and I just do not get it. So many people in the past have told me that I should be buying those for my children, rather than the unedited ones. I just don’t get it at all. Why is “go BLEEP yourself” somehow more child-friendly than the real deal? The kid knows what it means anyway, unless he has an extraordinarily creative mind and thinks that it really says “go educate yourself” or “go feed yourself” or some such. In essence, the BLEEP does nothing to make the song less offensive, yet it takes away from my music-enjoying experience. I see a song as an entity in itself and therefore think that it should be played as it is or not played at all. If you disagree with me here, you can go feed yourself. It’s lunchtime.


ChinchillaBoy has established that he wants a Sheltie. Can anybody tell me if a Sheltie will eat a chinchilla if they are both together in the same house?


My son LilProgrammer has struck again. On Friday, his teacher called me saying that she had him in her office and that all four of his Trojan war essays had been deemed unacceptable. She then continued with, “I tried to talk to him about that, but he turned it into a discussion about the meaning of life, and I don’t have time for that right now”.

Naturally, I got curious and asked LilProgrammer about the discussion when he got home, He said, “It was like this.

The teacher asked me when I was going to be productive, and I said “never”. She asked why, and I said “because of the law of the conservation of energy”.

She asked, “how is that”, and I said, “because I can only produce as much energy as I conserve, therefore, I cannot produce any new energy, therefore, I cannot be productive”. And then she picked up the phone and called you.”


My other son ChinchillaBoy and his friend (also ten years old) believe that they have the two dirtiest minds in history. They told me, “you give us any word, and we will find sexual meaning in it”.

I laughed at it, and then I forgot.

A week later, I am in the pet store with ChinchillaBoy, and he says to me, “Let’s buy LilProgrammer a hamster for his birthday gift.” I think about it for a minute, and I’m like, no. LilProgrammer does not know how to take care of living creatures. He’ll forget to feed the hamster, he’ll accidentally sit on it or drop it on its head. This just isn’t a good idea.

With that in mind, I reply to ChinchillaBoy: “No, I don’t trust your brother with a hamster”.

The instant the words were out of my mouth, I realized what I had just said, and to whom. But it was too late.

“You don’t say, Mom!” exclaimed ChinchillaBoy happily.

Oh well. At least I made his day.

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