Monday, March 13, 2006

Die, Blog, Die

Another one of my blogging buddies is now on indefinite hiatus. Is this a sign from above?..

Truth be told, I have no energy to blog lately. Mostly it’s because so many people have quit, but also there’s a lot going on in real life. ChinchillaBoy’s doctor suspects that he has asthma, so we’re in the process of checking it out. LilProgrammer’s teachers call me daily because he consistently does a crappy job on his homework and school projects. Technically, I should take his computer cables away, but I don’t have the heart, because, each time I come into his room, I can see him working on actual projects in C++. He has pieces and parts of a programming language that kind of works; a random music generator; and two days ago, he started writing some kind of graphic game that has two stick people moving around the screen. When I first saw them, I honestly thought they were jacking off, but it turns out they’re just moving their arms as they walk, therefore, this game is suitable for children. LilProgrammer and I have daily discussions about his future, all of which end with one of these two phrases:

- “I do not have to graduate from high school in order to write good software”,


- “I can’t help it, I have Aspergers”.

(There, I’ve gone and given my son a blanket excuse for everything he ever screws up in his life. I get the “Dumbest Mom of the Year” award. Hooray for me.)

On top of it, we plan on getting a dog. ChinchillaBoy and I have always wanted a dog – that’s how we ended up with our chinchilla (we decided to start small). But this time, we’re dead serious. We drove Mr. Goldie to Petland, where he held and sniffed a puppy (to make sure he’s not allergic to that particular breed). We got books on dog care. So in all likelihood, this spring, we’ll get the animal. This will successfully remove what’s left of my free time.

I will try to update every now and then.

The Goldie has spoken at 3:46 PM

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