Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wow, That’s A Shitload Of Diversity

I have been tagged by Holley, but I will get to that tomorrow. Right now, I have something more urgent to tell you.

Yesterday was the last day of my kids’ spring break, so I (the greatest procrastinator of all) locked the dog in his doggy corner and went through LilProgrammer’s school papers – something I’d been meaning to do for ten days. I found some really entertaining work, including the essay I’d been yelled at for. Remember the Mask Of Diversity? As far as I can tell, the kids read a book in class about the utopian society of 2047, where everyone was forced to be the same. Then, they had to list several human characteristics that constitute diversity; make a mask of diversity displaying these items; and write an essay. As you will be able to tell from reading LilProgrammer’s work, there were word count requirements. He also double-spaced the text for good measure.

What I found scary was that, as I read, I actually understood LilProgrammer’s logic. I thought he had some really good ideas in this essay. I find it scary because I am the only person who even understood what his essay says. I guess whatever he has is either contagious or hereditary – either way, I have it.

With that, I proudly present…

Diversity All Over The Place

By: LilProgrammer

The attributes of progress, thought, intelligence, and optimization all contribute to a society of diversity. Not all people would make a mask about progress, thought, intelligence, or optimization, so there would be a diverse set of people and masks, and since people’s vision of progress, thought, intelligence, and optimization also differ. Thought and intelligence would allow people to invent things and make discoveries, which would make diverse objects which would be used by different people and people would be even more diverse. Inventions would be better if made optimally, and will be made if worked on progressingly. The mask will have dark blue, blue, orange, and green on the mask.

Progress and thought are very important. Intelligence and optimization are also important. The importanance of progress and thought rival the importanance of intelligence and optimization. The Utopian Society of 2047 did not have progress, thought, intelligence, nor optimization, so the Utopian Society is a bad example of a diverse society. Diversity is very important. Without diversity, no diversity would be present. The occourance of the last sentance would be very bad. Finially, diversly attributed people are important.

I’d drink to that.

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