Thursday, May 11, 2006


Two weeks ago my son LilProgrammer performed foot surgery on himself with a kitchen knife. In the bathroom. He then went to school and all around continued his business as usual.

I found out two days later when I was doing his laundry. I wondered what the deal was with all the bloody socks, and he told me. He's tried to cut off a couple of plantar warts. Sure enough, the warts grew back.

I took him to a foot doctor. The foot doc did something, whereupon LilProgrammer's left foot got infected. We went back and the foot doc did something else, as a result of which LilProgrammer now has open wounds on his both feet and hobbles around the house.

In the face of all that, he is happy that he gets to miss school, constantly reiterates that he is "feeling fine", and insists on making his own food and carrying it upstairs with no help.

At the same time, ChinchillaBoy spent the last evening lying on the couch complaining of terrible pain after he got bitten in the ass by our pet chinchilla. Yes, you read that right. The little adorable furball actually broke ChinchillaBoy's skin. Maybe he thought ChinchillaBoy was about to sit on top of him. Or maybe the dog's rambunctious ways are rubbing off on the chin. We do not know because he cannot tell.

Kids. Never a dull moment.

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