Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your child may not be as talented as you think he is...

... if he comes home from a talent show rehearsal, and asks you: "Mom, are teachers allowed to say "half-assed job" in school?"

Personally, I'm glad ChinchillaBoy and his best friend got kicked out of the show. Watching little kids, grades K-4, perform on stage is very low on my list of favorite things to do on a weekday evening after a full day of work. Plus, the teacher's right. It would have been embarrassing. I mean, two little suburban white kids performing a 50 Cent song? even after they spent an hour editing it, replacing the word "shit" with "stuff" and so on? gimme a friggin break...

At least they didn't follow my suggestion and name themselves Poser Posse... that would've been embarrassing as heck.

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