Friday, May 19, 2006

Organizational Changes

Like many people already had, I've gone and reshuffled my blogroll. A few of you folks have changed your names or moved to a different url. A few folks I had to take off. Everybody posts their delinking rules, so here are mine:

If the link to your blog isn't working, I'm taking you off.
If you haven't updated in over two months, I'm taking you off, unless you're my bestest friend or I am your biggest fan, in that case, I'll give you an extension. (That said, good-bye Fat Dude! Hope that married life treats you well. I really liked your blog back when you actually wrote stuff in it *sniffles*)
If you have delinked me, I will delink you, unless I'm your biggest fan and then I'll swallow my pride and stay linked to you. Also unless you're one of those people that had me linked under "Orthodox Blogs" and then finally realized what a worldly person I am and took me off their list. That was actually a huge relief because *whispers* I can use bad language on my blog now. Thanks, guys.
If you are a big-time blogger with incoming links in the thousands and you don't know that I exist and I cannot bring myself to read you on a regular basis, then off you go.

I have also added a few neat blogs. Some of these bloggers were nice enough to actually add me first and I didn't notice until today, because I was so mired in DOG. (My bad, Carson!)

Another really cool blog I have added today is Blog Laughs. I like the idea behind it, and I really enjoyed it when I finally got to reading it last night. The author is someone I've met in the blogosphere before, but now he returns with a novel concept. With a team of trusty reviewers *wink wink*, he reviews and rates various humor blogs. Be sure to check it out! Blog Laughs.

I'm out... have a great weekend.

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